Learn How Swiftdine Can Work For Your Restaurant


How Can Swiftdine Benefit You?

Swiftdine replaces traditional wait times for your
customers with a delightful restaurant experience
-the way dining out is meant to be

What is Swiftdine?

Swiftdine is a reservation service for pay ahead, sit-down dining.

What purpose does Swiftdine serve?

Swiftdine offers a more predictable dining experience that promotes
convenience, eliminates common service frictions, and delivers
a more controlled customer experience.

What does Swiftdine provide?

Swiftdine provides a public-facing application that allows
customers to reserve a table and pay-ahead for sit down
dining, as well as a client-facing application that allows
restaurants to manage the ordering process.

Who does Swiftdine target?

Swiftdine targets people who pack their lunch or settle for fast-food
due to time constraints. Most of our users are
business executives, bankers, lawyers, doctors, etc.

Why do people want Swiftdine?

People eat out for the experience, but when they’re busy or in a rush, they cannot control the amount of time they spend in your restaurant. Our application does not eliminate the experience. Instead, it enhances it—allowing the customer to interact with servers without the friction he or she might feel if he or she were waiting.

Frequently Asked Questions

If servers don’t take orders or deliver bills, customers are missing out on the experience, right?

We disagree. The foundation of Swiftdine is the dining experience. When your Swiftdine customer arrives, your server is still held accountable for their service. We still want servers to introduce themselves and tend to your customers needs. Your customers will appreciate the fact that they can dine on their own time.

Will Swiftdine hurt my servers?

No way! Users are automatically prompted to tip 18% before their meal! So far, we haven’t had any issues with tipping. In fact, your servers will likely see an increase in tips because Swiftdine will bring them more guests for a shorter duration of time.

What if our restaurant is full at 12PM for lunch rush
and I cannot guarantee a reservation?

Swiftdine was made with the restaurant in mind. Just as we deliver control to our users, we deliver for our restaurants. You have the ability to set your availability for any time throughout the day. So if you choose to go rogue from 11-1, no one will see your app on their phones. Many of our restaurants prefer to set availability before 12 and after 2. Some of our restaurants even use the app for dinner reservations. Your hours

What if I get an unexpected lunch rush and
cannot accommodate incoming Swiftdine orders?

Just hit the pause button! Every Swiftdine request that enters your restaurant must be confirmed or rejected. If you’re too busy, you have every right to let your customers know—they’ll appreciate a rejection more than a false confirmation that forces them to wait.

What does Swiftdine cost?

Swiftdine charges $1 per customer seated, so a party of four equals $4.We allow restaurants to pass the dollar onto consumers as a convenience fee, which we’ve learned users are willing to pay. Most restaurants choose this option, but some eat the dollar to maintain customer satisfaction.

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